Car racing is among the most popular sports worldwide although it is considered as a risky activity. Therefore there was a need for making changes to improve the safety levels of the drivers and passengers. These changes included crash protection features, limitations in weight, fuel consumption and engine capacity. In car racing, everyone is exposed to danger both the spectators and the competitors. It is due to this risky nature of the sport that everyone is advised to be aware of his own safety. Here are a few ways to understand the impact of personal safety in car racing.
Barriers And Crumple Zones.

Crash barriers and crumple zones have been set up in racing tracks to provide injury protection to drivers and spectators. Crump zones are modified in a way that they can absorb shock at the moment of the crash. This ensures that the driver and the spectators are not affected by the impact of the crash. In addition to barriers, there is a cushion layer made of used tires in the racing tracks for minor bumps to return the car back to track. At tough corners and turns, the line of defence is made thicker by having three to four barriers before concrete. That is enough to absorb and release the energy from a high-impact crash. As for a spectator, it is advised to keep a safe distance from the racing track and remain vigilant to any danger from a crash.

Car Modifications. As cars are getting faster there is a need to pay more attention to the occupant’s safety. Cars should be modified to make them safer during a race where speed is important. These modifications include installing an efficient braking system, secure seat belts and impact beams. The cars have to be designed in a way to maintain their shape in case of a frontal crash without hurting the driver and passenger. Seat belts should be well fitted to offer superior protection in various seating positions. To supplement the seat belt protection, the cars must be fitted with airbags. To improve protection in times of a side crash, car doors should be strengthened by internal padding and have proper seats with a head resting position. Side airbags can also be installed to protect head injuries in side-impact crashes.

Unpredictable Factors. These include some minute issues that need to be considered for maximum safety. Such factors include harsh weather conditions, the angle of impact or faulty parts. Addition measure such as ensuring every car has a hand-held fire extinguisher to suppress the fire. Getting proper tires and setting them at the correct pressure play a role in improving the cars handling and grip preventing a possible crash.

The above features are some of the ways car racing can be made a safer sport. With the management of such races ensuring safety for their drivers, everyone should be aware of the impact of personal safety in car racing.